Reader irked by Milford Center Design District plans

To the Editor:

I have been concerned that Prospect Street was put into the Milford Center Design District (MCDD) and an apartment complex was built there in spite it it's being in a National Register Historic District.

When the apartment complex was in the proposal stage, we, the neighbors and other concerned citizens, were told to be thankful that it was not a CVS. That exactly is the problem. A CVS, a McDonalds, a bank or a store of some kind could be put on the street and it would be automatic. The street is zoned that way and we would not be able to stop it.

Now that the First Church has decided to sell its parsonage on West Main Street, this makes the problem worse. The parsonage is in the MCDD also. Yes, the Church could sell the property with the understanding that the existing house will stay. But, what may happen a few years hence?

Will we see some sort of commercial building and asphalt parking lot go up in its place? One of the most beautiful vistas in Milford is the view across City Hall Pond from the rear of City Hall to the First Church. Just as beautiful is the view in the other direction, from the Church to City Hall. And yes, another beautiful view is from behind City Hall to the First Church and the Plymouth Building. Doesn't anyone care about destroying this vista?

In fact, the First Church and the Plymouth Building themselves are in the MCDD. Why? Does anyone have a good reason for that? If there is no good reason, and I can't think of one, these properties should be removed immediately from the MCDD. In fact, Lauralton Hall is also in the MCDD, and again I can see no good reason for that.

Developers seem to be getting their way in extending the MCDD even into our most historic of districts. This has to stop. People love Milford for its historic charm and its vistas along the Wepawaug River. Extending the MCDD in this way is killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Richard Platt