Reader details Maroney accomplishments

To the Editor:

As election season approaches, I want to highlight the accomplishments of James Maroney.

Representative James Maroney has been a true champion for both Milford and Orange. He has demonstrated a true commitment to community.

His hard work has led to major changes across the board, including new programs aimed at tax relief for parents, saving our environment from invasive plant species and helping people pursue higher education.

Our representative worked with his colleagues to reinstate Connecticut's sales tax holiday. During the tax-free week in August, clothing under $300 and shoes under $300 were not subject to the state sales tax. This program helped parents save on their kids' back-to-school shopping needs.

Representative Maroney also saw that invasive species of plant life are threatening our environment and took action in a bipartisan way, working across the aisle with other lawmakers, to prohibit people from growing bamboo near other people's properties.

He also worked to create the new "Go Back to Get Ahead" initiative that allows those who unfortunately dropped out of college before earning a bachelor's degree, to be eligible to take three free courses at a Connecticut State College or community college. This is part of the governor's "Transform CSCU" plan aimed at increasing enrollment at the state's higher education institutions while also meeting the workforce demands of businesses in the state.

When it comes to helping our community cope with local challenges, he has always been there to listen and offer his help.

We need to re-elect Representative Maroney in November for the good of our community.

Ray Arnold