Reader demands answers from GOP

Dear Editor:
I am writing to express my concerns about this year's elections. I try to be an independent voter; however, this year there are so many issues to consider. After listening carefully to both political conventions, it seems to me that if people only concentrate on party affiliations, they will be missing the big picture. At stake is not only our future but our children's future as well.

The economic plan put forth by the Republicans will reduce our educational standards, undermine our Medicare system and cost our seniors money they can't afford on fixed incomes. Our health care will reverse to insurance company rule, eliminating the ability of many people to afford health care. It will erode equal pay for equal work for women and reverse women's ability to choose their own family planning.
In addition, they propose to lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans creating yet another tax burden on the middle class. This is called trickle down economics which not only failed during the Reagan years, creating a huge deficit, but failed during the Bush years, leaving us dangerously close to another depression.
In following the news for the past few years, it appears that Republican representatives have created nothing in the way of job creation and while in control of the House they have concentrated mostly on eroding women's rights.
More concerning is the current Republican candidates have offered no information on how they will improve things, only promising that if we trust them, they will. I am at a total loss on why more American people aren't demanding answers about why Republicans support tax cuts to the wealthy while undermining the middle class. I wonder why Mitt Romney isn’t making his tax returns public. Why tax returns? They will give us an idea on how ethically they handle their money and allow us to see how they will handle ours.
Come on America - stand up and demand fairness, past tax returns and a plan. Show us the money.
Sandra Morgan