Reader defends father from scandal

To The Editor:
This week’s Milford Mirror article on the plea of 33-year-old Jesse Osmun used the third paragraph to identify his father. Why?
Does every Milford Mirror justice story identify the father of an arrestee or convict? The answer, obviously, is “no.” Why, then, in this case?

If the intent was to make a national story “local,” I don’t think a “local angle” was needed to draw readers into this one. And the editor’s decision to cite an uninvolved and innocent relative as a way to do so, frankly, just felt mean to me.
Those of us who know and respect Jesse Osmun’s father, who witness the goodness his father brings to our community, who have been praying for the family during this time of trial certainly don’t need a news story to make the connection.
And those who don’t know these folks surely understand that every 33-year-old man is completely responsible for his own actions and, in every respect, completely distinct from his parents.
If the Mirror, indeed, has initiated a policy of identifying the fathers of everyone mentioned in the news, please know that mine is the late William W. Bull.
Lisa Bull DiLullo