Reader defends and praises Senator Slossberg's efforts

To the Editor:

I felt compelled to write in response to the recent letter by Renee Casey in which she directs offensive, unfounded, personal attacks against state Senator Gayle Slossberg.

Her letter is both silly and sad. Ms. Casey fails to disclose to your readers that she is part of the small, inner circle of people running the campaign of Senator Slossberg's political opponent in this election. Instead of slinging mud, Ms. Casey should set a better example for the 20-year-old candidate she purports to support — a young man who has yet to finish college, hold a job, or have any meaningful experience in the real world.

We are extraordinarily fortunate to have Gayle Slossberg as our Senator. Gayle was there for me and my co-workers when our out-of-state employer tried to take our healthcare and benefits away. And virtually everyone I know has some story of how Senator Slossberg has helped them with a problem in their personal or professional life.

Even in the face of the type of unfounded personal attacks levied by Ms. Casey, Senator Slossberg has my enduring respect for always taking the high road, remaining positive, and doing the people's work.

In these days of negative campaigning, Gayle Slossberg is a breath of fresh air. She will always have my support.

Jennifer Musante