Reader criticizes civil rights legislation

To the Editor:

The case against the 1964 civil rights law.

Politicians who even question the constitutionality of the 1964 civil rights law is called racist and bigoted. The fact is that that is not the case.

We have freedom of association in America which means that we have a right to chose who we associate with. For example if I hated people with blond hair and I only liked people with black hair then that would be my choice and in a free society the government has no say in who I associate with.

The government has no authority to force you against your will to invite someone in your own private business.

It is a myth that in 1964 the parties somehow switched places and the Democrats supported civil rights instead of the Republicans. Most of the Republicans supported the 1964 civil rights law. The only reason Barry Goldwater did not support the 1964 civil rights law was because it violated private property rights and he supported restitution on public schools public busses and other public institutions.

The Democrats had opposed all previous civil right bills and the only reason Lyndon Johnson supported the 1964 civil rights bill was to get African American votes.

Martin Luther King practiced the libertarian principle of judging a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

Progressives mistakenly say that the people who were against the restriction of private property are racist. The truth is progressives are the real racists because they are giving African Americans special privileges without treating them like individuals.

None of us is entitled to rights because we are black or gay or a woman.

We are entitled to rights because we are human beings and all humans, either white or female or black or Jewish, are entitled to human rights.

The point is there will always be racism and discrimination.

You won’t stop racism and discrimination simply by making rules and regulations , just like making rules on prostitution won’t stop people from doing it.

In a free market system unmoral activities check point themselves. The reason for that is because if a decent person sees a sign at a diner that says “no blacks allowed” or “no Jews allowed,” they will not go in the diner and the diner will eventually go out of business.

I believe that I am anything but racist because I say that if a diner is owned by the Black Panthers or Muslims, they have a right to have a sign that says “no whites allowed” or “no Jews allowed,” because in a free society, nobody should be forced to associate with anybody.

Josh Weizel