Reader contends it’s time for a viable third party

To the Editor:

When in the course of human events, it becomes evident that the two main political parties in our country no longer have the best interests of We The People foremost in their minds, is it time for a new political party — one that is not controlled by the extremists on the right or left, but one centrist in nature that is equally concerned about fiscal responsibility and social justice?

On the fiscal side, I envision the “Centrist Party” designing a Tax Code that makes our corporations more globally competitive, stimulates job growth, and brings in enough revenue to provide us with essential services and a “safety net” for those in need. The American people and private businesses should be allowed to keep more of their hard earned money and allocate it the way they see fit as it is the private sector that drives the economy and creates more jobs — not the federal government. Having said that, Centrists can accept a progressive Tax Code — one where those with higher incomes pay a slightly higher rate. However, the left wing is wrong to think that everyone making $250,000 per year is wealthy. If you are taking the risk of owning a business and working way more than a normal employee, have a mortgage and are paying for your children's education, you certainly are not wealthy, particularly if you live in lower Connecticut. It is time for a new definition of wealthy.

On the social side, with Centrist leadership I envision our country becoming more accepting of one another and a more humane society. I am sick of hearing those on the far right claim to want a smaller federal government that provides more freedom and more closely follows the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, yet they persist in trying to tell us how to live our personal lives. Centrists believe women should have freedom of choice. Centrists believe that same sex couples are just as much in love with their partners as heterosexual couples are and should be given the same tax and legal benefits. Centrists believe that we are in need of a more welcoming immigration program — one that attracts hard working individuals, many of whom will create jobs, and one that unites families, but does not add to the number of people needing federal assistance. Centrists believe in a clean environment, but not regulations without proof of significant impact that end up costing companies millions of dollars and causing people to lose their jobs.

What are our political leaders doing to make us a more perfect Union? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like much. Most seem more concerned about getting re-elected than making the difficult decisions needed to put the country on the right track fiscally and socially. I envision the Centrists being made up of people who do not have to placate the far right or far left and can sit down respectfully with one another to guide our country in a fiscally responsible way with malice toward none. If you think it's time for a viable third party, let your thoughts be known.

David Ellison