Reader cites slights to veterans in Milford

To the Editor:

Former Governor Lodge dedicated the Milford High School Auditorium to Milford's Veterans in 1951, yet in 2013 the word veteran's over the inscription auditorium is absent still. The name change was approved by the Building Committee, Board of Education, and the Town Council. One would think that one of the approval authorities would have proposed appropriate identification for an officially named building. It is therefore up to others to act in this matter some six decades later.

Since the auditorium houses plaques containing the names of Milford Veterans who served this nation, placing the word “veteran” on the façade is most appropriate.

I have brought this up before and received lip service. For my part and on behalf of the veterans, action is sought.

Finally, the King's Highway Cemetery has a Veterans Circle. However, locating an identification marker eludes me. Not long ago the Disabled American Veterans of Milford offered to purchase a plaque and place it there. That request went unanswered.

What more do veterans need to do, in order for this community to obtain what has been denied them?

Eric Muth