Reader calls Obama supporters ‘ignorant’

To the Editor:

In biblical times people with leprosy were isolated, ridiculed, and condemned by those not infected. They were treated poorly because of the beliefs that they were incurable, contagious, and were probably being punished by God.

They were misunderstood by the ignorant. In the late 1800's Dr. Gerhard Hansen discovered that leprosy was caused by a germ. It was not contagious and could be cured.

The Obama administration is treating Republicans, especially the Tea Party, like lepers and it is getting support from the ignorant.

The Obama administration and its supporters ignores and isolates Tea Party member's concerns by refusing to negotiate with them on the government shutdown. He condemns and dismisses their ideas by blaming them for the government shutdown. He ridicules them for "not doing their job."

He ridicules by calling their factual statements about the harm Americans are experiencing under The Affordable Care Act “crazy doomsday predictions.”

Obama's administration isolates those who disagree with them by closing the W.W.II Memorial to veterans, while he opens the Washington Mall to a demonstration about immigration.

The Obama administration wants to destroy the Tea Party members' ideas because they are a threat to the progressive agenda. Instead of a respectful debate, which the Founders wanted, they isolate, ridicule, and condemn.

Certain House and Senate members were supported by Team Party organizations. They were legitimately elected. The Obama administration treats them like lepers and therefore treat the electorate like lepers as well. Is this the hallmark of a great president?

The Tea Party members want to defend three principles: Equal protection under the law, protect and defend the Constitution and fiscal responsibility of government.

Those who disrespect the members of congress elected with Tea Party support also disrespect the millions of Americans who voted for them. Those who ridicule, isolate, and condemn these ideas are demonstrating ignorance.

You can disagree without ridicule, isolation, and condemnation. Those who participate in this behavior now are like those ignorant people who did the same to lepers so many years ago.

Obama is the president of all Americans not just the president of those who agree with him.  His tyrannical behavior is separating us not uniting us. A true leader unites. He or she doesn't ridicule, isolate or condemn those who disagree.

This tyranny is supported by the ignorant.

Wally Hauck