Reader bids farewell to Wanda

To the Editor:

Good-bye Wanda, we all will miss you.

My girls are in their 30s and 40s now, but when they were little the highlight of any day for them was to take our Irish Setter Lady and their money and go to Wanda's Sugar Shack. She was always glad to see them and they, her.

Wanda was able to put a smile on everyone’s face, not just the kids. Her candy store was not a job, but a labor of love.

My grandchildren and my son also got to know Wanda. She was someone who made Milford special.

She just could not give up her business. After the fires, she got up and started all over again.

Oh boy, but what lessons people could learn from her strength and determination. It’s because her heart was in her store wherever it moved to and Wanda was in the hearts of all who went there.

Good-bye Wanda. We will all miss you. Thanks.

Suzanne Wasylink