Reader asks Public Works Department to maintain park trails

To the Editor:

I have always thought that Eisenhower Park was one of Milford’s treasures. I walk my dog there almost every morning and I meet other dog owners with their dogs, riders on horseback, and people simply out to enjoy a walk through the woods.

However, as spring has turned into summer many of the trails are overgrown and difficult to get through. I used to be able to walk practically every trail in the park, but if I try to do that now I get attacked by angry thorn bushes. This is not fun and I have the scratches to prove it.

There are also a few places where downed tree limbs are so low over the paths that there’s no way a horse could get through. I have to bend double myself to get under.

It seems to me it would take the Public Works Department a few hours to clear away these obstacles. Most of the main, wide paths are okay; it’s the trails that connect them that are a problem.

Let me end by saying I am not the only one who complains about this situation. Too many of us finish our walk through the park scratched up by the rampant foliage. Please, Public Works, can you fix this?

Joan Wolf