Reader applauds Mayor Blake's many initiatives

To the Editor:

Mayor Ben Blake has been in office now for almost two years, and those of us who live here are certainly aware of what a difficult two years they have been. Nevertheless, Ben has been a calm, supportive, helpful, available, and proactive leader, despite the fact that much of his time in office has had to be spent first in crisis mode through two devastating storms, and then consumed by the relief efforts to help those whose homes were damaged or destroyed.

With all of this on his plate, we might easily have forgiven him if he didn’t seem to have time for other, less pressing issues. But I want to take this moment to point out that this has not been the case; in fact, in a number of ways Ben has tended to the seemingly insignificant details of life in Milford – those small things that when added up make living here so enjoyable.

For example, no longer do we have to separate our recyclables and lug those boxy blue bins to the curb. Our larger green bins – on wheels – are a big improvement. Not a big deal, perhaps, but a little thing that makes life easier. And I understand that under Ben’s watch Milford is now – for the first time – being paid for its recyclables, too.

Also, as an avid and life-long tennis player whose venue of choice is the courts at Fowler Field, I was delighted recently when a number of parking spots were designated as 2-hour spaces, allowing those of us who like to use this recreational facility during the day time to find a place to park without worrying about being ticketed.

Prior to this, commuter parking filled the entire lot near the tennis courts. Now commuters, tennis players, playground users, softball fans all share the lot. Again, not a huge thing, but a small detail that has improved the quality of life in Milford.

And speaking of playgrounds, those too have been given some much-needed attention during the last two years. The popular Anderson Avenue basketball courts recently received a much-needed makeover.

Another Ben Blake initiative has been the on-going call for community beach clean-up efforts. Given that Milford’s beaches are one of its greatest assets, Ben is right on target in his push to keep them clean, safe and beautiful. And have you seen the new sidewalks going in all over town?

Two years is not a long time for any leader to set an agenda and bring it to fruition. I’m sure Mayor Blake has only just begun to put into motion all that he wants to accomplish for Milford. I, for one, plan to support his candidacy so that he can continue the good work he has begun, on scales both large and small.

I hope others will do the same.

Patrick Decker