Reader angry at Obama and Democrats

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Senator Richard Blumenthal and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.

Do you keep your promises? I have to keep mine. As a small business owner if I fail to keep my promises, my clients will leave and I will be out of business.

President Obama continues to break his promises and the two of you are silent. Your continued silence means you are failing to keep your promises.

Although I am concerned about the lies President Obama told about Benghazi (it was just a protest about a video); Obama Care (if you like your doctor or insurance you can keep them) my major concern is his disregard and disrespect for our constitution.

He has a pen and a phone and he is taking unilateral action by ignoring and changing laws, disregarding the role of Congress and the balance of power designed by our framers.

There have been 27 changes made to Obama Care. At least 10 of these President Obama made unilaterally like a tyrant and dictator does.

Did he do these to gain political advantages. He claimed these changes were for our own good.

What are you doing or saying? Nothing You two are co-conspirators in creating a constitutional crisis.

Do you work with people who break promises? I don't. Do you hire people who break their most important pledges? I don't. Do you vote for people who disrespect the constitution? Neither do I.

Wally Hauck