Reader accuses mayor of excess spending

To the Editor:
We deserve excellent leadership when we vote for a mayor. Unfortunately we lost out in Milford. We got another "spend and spend" progressive who can’t get his staff to do their jobs.

According to concerned citizens, certain open spaces in Eisenhower Park, the Solomon Property and others have seriously deteriorated. To address this, the mayor proposed, and the Board of Alderman voted, to hire an open space agent.
Instead of demonstrating effective leadership by insisting his staff cooperate with each other and formulate an aligned plan to address any deterioration, our mayor throws money at the problem. This is just what a progressive usually does. He/she throws someone else’s money at a problem.
A good leader would have taken action instead of delegating it to someone who will be part-time and who will have little or no influence over the people who must implement whatever plan he/she creates.
A good leader would have realized, “In this economic environment where every family is cutting back and doing more with less, the city should model the right behavior and do the same.” A good leader would have had the skill to rally his staff to do the right thing, prioritize their actions, and insist they cooperate to solve problems without spending money. Poor leadership pushes away responsibility, blames others, and spends other people’s money without accountability. It sounds like Washington DC too doesn't it? It's the same poor quality leadership.
I hope the aldermen who voted against this decision will hold the mayor accountable for this leadership malpractice and step up when it fails, because it will. Throwing money at a problem never does fix the problem especially when it is other people's money.
I hope people remember this when they vote on November 6 and that they especially remember it when this mayor runs again.
Wally Hauck