Questions Long Range Planning Committee school plans

To the Editor:

Do Milford taxpayers understand that Supt. Feser's Long Range Planning Committee has proposed options for Milford-each one costing taxpayers millions? Options A and D call for a brand new unnecessary $240 High School despite the fact that a few short years ago then Mayor Richetelli had released a 5 year $60 million capital improvement plan which included millions for Law and Foran and was quoted in the CT Post saying "we have two high schools and we will continue to have two high schools (CT Post May 17, 2005). Millions have also been expended since then at East Shore Middle School.

Options B,C, E, F, and G call for millions to upgrade a proposed single High School at Foran-also a bad idea- which not only will cost taxpayers millions but will increase class sizes for all our students who will be spending more time on school busses to get to mega high, mega middle, and mega consolidated elementary schools.

Hard to believe, but these are actual options which our wallets and our kids will experience should Supt. Feser, Chief Financial Officer Richetelli, and Mr. Cummings get their way. Oh, did I forget to mention the proposed closing of our once respected neighborhood schools: Live Oaks, Calf Pen, Pumpkin Delight,, J.F.K. and Meadowside? These properties will most likely be sold for housing creating a demand for you guessed it-new schools. Sound crazy? You bet it does!

Tim Chaucer