Puzzled by Donald Trump’s influence

To the Editor:
I'm puzzled. Saw Donald Trump on the television a short while ago giving his businessman's critique of President Obama's and the White House's job performance. The critique ended in a grade of "f" for failure. What I'm puzzled about is why Mr. Trump would air his, a businessman's views, on national television.

The purpose of business is to make a profit. The purpose of government is to build a society. Views of how a country should be run based on business alone are narrow.
A wider view is needed to comment on government, which should not be run as a for-profit corporate business. The job of president of the United States demands some knowledge and the backing of lots of other staff.
Decisions of how we will proceed as a united nation come from many branches of our government. Business is a very small part of this whole, even below the heading of city, state and federal economics.
We Are the United States of America. We are not the Corporate States of America.
D. Jacobs