Prudden ancestor shocked that historical site may be developed

To the Editor:

I live in Arkansas and just now found your news items about Peter Prudden. He is one of my ancestors. Are you and the people of Milford aware that Peter Prudden is also an ancestor of an American president, George W. Bush, and his mother, Barbara Bush?

I am appalled that the city is not protecting this property. It should be preserved as a museum and park. I am sure many descendants of Prudden and his group would help and the many people who grew up in Milford would also, if someone of your preservation group would take the lead.

Why isn't the property on the National Register of Historic Places? Why is it still privately owned? Why aren't the citizens of Milford hopping mad at the possibility of the site being destroyed.

As a descendent of Prudden, I am deeply shocked.

I hope you can stop this desecration and get a preservation group to take the property and protect it.

The city can benefit by making the property a memorial, museum and public historical park. Would be a great tourist attraction.

Janis Hurst