Praising Rose for post-Irene response

To the editor:
When it came to responding to last year’s storm, Rep. Kim Rose has been there for us since day one. After the storm passed, Rep. Kim Rose was at the Walnut Beach handing out water and food, providing updates on road clearing activities and calling the utility company to advocate for our most medically fragile residents — who were most vulnerable during the power outage.

When the power finally came back on, Kim was still working — she was asked to sit on the Storm Response Task Force as well as the Shoreline Legislators Caucus which called for hearings to determine what led to slow response times.
Rep. Kim Rose 's efforts led to legislation aimed at improving the response from the power companies as well as homeowners insurance companies – to ensure that their response to the next storm is much more expedient and fair to consumers who diligently pay their bills each month.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rep. Kim Rose for her hard work during very trying circumstances and to endorse her candidacy for re-election in November. Kim has been a tireless advocate on our behalf and I hope you will join me in supporting her on Election Day. Toby Zabinski