Post prom donations demonstrate community’s kindness

To the Editor:
There is happy news here at Law.
We just got word about the car Colonial Toyota is giving to us for the Post Prom for Jonathan Law. It is so incredible that they are willing to donate a car to our event and I just wanted to say that without their generosity I don’t believe that kids would opt to attend the event.
Not only is Colonial Toyota so incredibly generous, but so are many numerous local businesses that contribute to the Post Prom.
Post Prom is designed to provide a safe, alcohol free place for the kids to go after prom – it’s pretty expensive to get the location, food and the raffles that allure the kids into attending the post prom vs going to a party. The whole goal is to keep the students safe and I believe events like this are so important to making that happen. It only takes one tragedy to remind us.
Our post prom committee has been working on getting donations and so many businesses have given us donations. Being a local business owner myself, I know how many requests businesses get to help one organization or another and it makes me feel so much pride in Milford and our local community that there are so many willing to help. I know that they have all been hit hard with requests from Law for both our beautiful Maren day and our Post Prom and again it is amazing that we have so many willing to help.
I have raised funds on so many different levels and for so many different causes etc., but chairing this event has just reminded me of the kindness of businesses and people in general.
Milford, the small city with the big heart, is alive and well. There are so many good things going on at Law, in our community and in our city.
Teresa Patrick