Pave paradise to put up a parking lot

To the Editor:
The paradise in question is a parcel of land located between Silver Sands State Park and Heritage Sound, just off of Silver Sands and Myrtle beaches. This paradise is inhabited by a myriad of wildlife, waterfowl and natural foliage.
An environmental treasure enjoyed by Milford residents visiting the area; walkers and bikers using the boardwalk and surrounding roads to experience natural open space and fresh air unencumbered by traffic and noise. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the area has also served as a natural barrier in protecting homes and personal property from rising waters during storms.
The powers that be are reviewing plans to increase parking facilities along the beach area and perimeter of Silver Sands State Park. This means filling and paving over the natural beauty of 'paradise' resulting in raising the water table in the area, increasing flooding of adjacent properties during storms and compromising the natural storm barriers that the marsh around Silver Sands and the berm in front of Heritage Sound have provided in the past.
Residents of Heritage Sound have seen the consequences of rising waters after previous municipal projects; felling much needed trees and removing bushes necessary for absorption and drainage.
Will a paved parking area really be worth the irreparable damage done to our natural barriers? Will a paved parking area be what you want to see as you stroll the boardwalk? Will a paved parking lot be worth the devastation done to the wildlife and birds and native foliage we all flock to the beach to enjoy? Extra parking spaces at what cost?
Some 300 residents of Heritage Sound, incidentally who pay nearly $1 million in annual property taxes, do not think their taxes should go toward jeopardizing the safety of their homes and the natural beauty of the area.
Don't make Joni Mitchell's 1970s song come true in Milford,
“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til its gone.”
Bobbi Monte