Paula Smith thanks voters and explains tax issue

To the Editor:

With our local election behind us, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in and supported my campaign for mayor of Milford.

What a great experience. The debates, speaking invitations, door-to-door campaigning, telephone canvassing, recording radio commercials and meeting and greeting folks throughout town were incredibly energizing – we have some really smart, compassionate, engaged folks in our community and I appreciate the sharing of their experience and insights.

I would encourage everyone to get involved at some level in our local government and the election process. We have one of the best systems in the world for electing our leaders – but it doesn’t work unless we are active participants in the process, most importantly exercising our right to vote. Every vote does count.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address the election-eve report of my personal income tax status. The manner and timing in which my personal business was put on public display clearly warrants a response. The tax matter relates to the treatment of long term capital gains, non-covered cost basis, loss carry-forwards, and ISO exercise vs. market price valuations on a tax return. The resolution process is sometimes lengthy. But the process does work; in this case the resolution resulted in an overpayment of taxes. I neither hid from nor chose to broadcast a personal matter.

I am honored to have been a candidate for mayor of our city.

Thank you.

Paula Smith