Oyster Festival official grateful to community

To the Editor:
On behalf of the 2012 Milford Oyster Festival Committee, I would like to thank everyone that had a part in this year’s Oyster Festival and continuing to make it an important Milford tradition.

The Oyster Festival is an enormous event and it would not be possible without the coordination of the mayor, public works, police, fire and health departments, the harbormaster and the city electricians. Thank you so much for each of your efforts.
Every year there are approximately 500 volunteers that give of their time the weekend of the Festival either as a volunteer for the festival or a volunteer for one of the 80 civic groups that participate. Each one of these people are critical to the event and collectively they are the backbone of the festival weekend.
We appreciate their dedication and are grateful for all they do. Whether you attended Oyster Eve or the Oyster Festival for the first time, traveled to Milford for it or enjoy it every year, thank you for spending the day with us and supporting all of the organizations and businesses that are involved.
We will see you next August 17t at the 39th Annual Milford Oyster Festival.
Jay Pinto President, Milford Oyster Festival, Inc.