Not fair to deny Eli’s outdoor patio

To the Editor:

The obstacles that the City of Milford is forcing upon Eli's are unfair and uncalled for. There is nothing wrong with Eli's wanting to put a small outdoor patio next to their restaurant.

Eli's is a good addition and welcome eating spot for Milford. I have eaten at their Hamden restaurants a number of times. Food is great, clean facilities and no problems of any kind, a safe place to eat.

If a permit was allowed to a previous owner there, why can it not be given now? Shame on Café Atlantique and the other businesses for opposing this patio.

If an owner from out of town is willing to invest his money here in Milford, $2.4 million, we should welcome him.

Mayor Blake, members of the Planning and Zoning Board, and members of the Board of Aldermen, please vote to allow this patio to be built. Let's keep politics out of this situation.

Jim Amann is being paid to do a job to help a business owner, who by the way would be adding money to our tax coffers as well as bringing in more customers to downtown Milford.

Ann Riling