New resident supports Staneski bid for office

To the Editor:

I just moved to Milford on July 1. I love the town and I love the State of Connecticut. Unfortunately, it seems that the state doesn't love me back. As a 27 year old I look around at my beloved state and see my friends moving to other states to seek better employment opportunities, I see my parents wondering if they can afford to retire here due to the high tax burden / cost of living.

I contemplate these issues while I drive to work on our crippled/congested infrastructure. The same infrastructure that had its funding raided in order to balance the budget. I don't know James Maroney personally but I have seen his voting record and it appears that he has supported all of this.

It is for this reason that I am supporting Pam Staneski for State Representative of the 119th district. Pam seems to get it. Pam will be beholden to the people of the 119th district, not her party. Quite uncommon in these times.

Pam has been an Alderman and a member of the Board of Education in Milford with a proven record in government. We deserve a leader not a follower We deserve better representation in Hartford now.

Dan Spicer