Miller says Staneski is right choice for 119th

To the Editor:
If I could cast a vote for only one candidate in the 2012 election, I would cast it for Pam Staneski for state Representative for the 119th District. Pam is an experienced and accomplished individual who knows exactly what Milford needs.
The most important need in Milford is jobs. No one understands this better than Pam. In a recent survey of nationwide CEO's, Connecticut was ranked as the 7th worst state in which to do business.

Pam has seen first-hand how record tax increases and Connecticut's seemingly endless bureaucracy have stifled job growth. A vote for Pam is a vote for an end to the policies that have put us in this position.
In addition to understanding the need for jobs, Pam also has a plethora of experience that makes her uniquely qualified to serve as our state Representative. Not only has she been involved in a variety of local charitable activities through the United Way, she has served on Milford's Board of Education and Milford's Board of Aldermen.
She has seen our community's needs with her own eyes. One would be hard-pressed to find someone who has a better understanding of what is needed in Milford and Orange. Pam has devoted a significant part of her life to the service of our community.
I can think of no person that would do a better job in Hartford for you and me. We need her and others like her in state government.
Thomas A. Miller