Milford woman wants more done about blight

To the Editor:

As a Milford resident who would like to eventually start a family here, I am noticing a disturbing trend that needs to be brought to the attention of our city officials: Blight.

Within one mile from my home there is an abandoned house with “demo” spray painted on it that has been sitting there boarded up for over six months, the old Showcase Cinemas which has been abandoned for years, the old M&M Farms, the old Paul’s and most recently the back portion of the Howard Johnson’s hotel which is not even boarded up and completely vandalized.

Not only do these properties cast a poor image on our city, but they are also dangerous both structurally and for the criminal element they attract. I can’t believe that I am the only resident who has noticed this, or the only resident who is concerned about it.

I believe the deterioration of our town is a serious cause for concern, especially for young residents such as myself who may look to begin a family and invest in property. Why have none of our officials done anything about this? Has this not been brought to their attention? If it hasn’t — I would like to bring it to their attention now in the hopes that we can work to resolve this issue and make Milford beautiful again.

Editor’s Note: Milford’s Board of Aldermen in recent years passed a blight ordinance to address blighted properties.

Elizabeth Aveni