Milford resident supports Maroney run in 119th

To the Editor:

A couple of years ago I supported James Maroney’s successful run at his bid to be on the Milford Board of Education. James did a great job and I want to once again support him in his run at State Representative for the 119th District.

I have known James since he was 14 years old. I had the privilege to be his track coach at Jonathan Law High School where he was a state 5000 meter champion and team captain. Since that time I have watched James build his educational business and become a great husband and father.

There is no person I could support more than James Maroney. He is a man of integrity, loyalty and unmeasured work ethic.

It is my hope that the people 119th District will vote James into office again. I can guarantee he will serve all of us to the greatest ability possible.

Scott Schulte