Milford minister suggests ways to fix government

To the Editor:

10% flat tax for everyone, no deductions. The IRS tax code should be one sentence: "Every one shall pay 10% of their gross income to the federal government."

Balanced Budget Amendment. No government should spend more than it makes. You can't.

Term limits in congress (18 years maximum). There will be less partisan conflict if politicians know they only have a limited amount of time to get things done.

Congressional pay should be equal to the average salary of U.S. workers. If you want congress to focus on the economy, give them an incentive. Tie their personal compensation to the economy and you will see them focus on the economy. The average salary in U.S. today is about $51,000.

Change Congressional benefits. Congress should receive a 401K just like most workers. They should not have lifetime pensions and lifetime healthcare. We have to make politicians public servants.

No congressional legislation to exceed 100 pages. This will limit the ridiculously complex legislation that congress loves so they can hide unpopular laws and unrelated items in legislation.

All congress persons must read every bill themselves. No one should approve something without first reading the entire thing. This goes for congress too.

Before the President signs any bill, it must be posted on a special government website for public review for at least 48 hours. Probably the best idea Obama has ever had. Too bad he never followed up. Remember “transparency?”

Social Security Tax on all income and deposited in its own account. Why should the tax be limited to the first $113,700? Social Security revenues must also be deposited in its own account that can only be used for Social Security benefits.

Anyone held in contempt by congress should be subject to arrest. What's the point of congressional oversight, if you can lie under oath without consequences? Start putting some of these jokers in jail and see if they don't start telling the truth.

Rev. Joe Mixie