Milford housing: The story of David and Goliath

To the Editor:
Another example of the story of David and Goliath — this time in Milford, Connecticut.
David — residents of the area around Wheelers Farms Road and East Rutland Road.
Goliath — a corporate developer from New Jersey expecting to change zoning laws to enable them to build 180 apartments in a totally rural single-family neighborhood that is already stressed to the max from previous corporate and residential development.
Time after time, the residents have attended meetings (Planning and Zoning, Wetlands, Police Commission) and have been very vocal and forthcoming with facts and examples, in a valiant attempt to just get the truth out as to what they are living 24/7 and how this new development will negatively impact their lives and properties.
With little, if any, help from the city and few city officials that will carefully examine and attest to validity and the accuracy of the myriad studies and reports that Goliath is submitting (i.e.. the traffic report), the burden falls to the citizens themselves, absorbing the costs — both financial and physical.
Where is the justice of it and who is there to fight for the little guy? For what reason are we paying Milford such high city taxes if not to get some help from the city to present the picture from the residents side? Stratford did — why can't Milford?
Jane King
Wheelers Farms Road