Mayor says Milford’s spirit prevails again

To the Editor:

Once again the volunteer spirit has prevailed. On behalf of all the citizens of Milford, I would like to thank everyone who volunteered at last Friday’s city-wide Shovel Brigade to plow sidewalks and driveways and help neighbors dig-out from the storm and move towards resuming more comfortable and productive lives.

On February 15, hundreds of individuals, including over 50 off-duty Milford police officers, responded to a call to action and rallied behind the Milford Public Library before heading-out with shovels, snow-blowers, plows and equipment to clear our bus stops, elderly neighbors driveways and impassable sidewalks.

The work that the Shovel Brigade did for our children and our citizens is appreciated by all and especially by those who were unable to manage the vast drifts and piles of snow left by the biggest storm in Milford’s history. The efforts of these volunteers made it possible for Milford’s school children to walk to their bus stops and homes safely.

It is a tribute to the people and City that in difficult times, the good citizens of Milford step-up and help others regardless of position or reward. So, for everyone who helped a neighbor or friend in-need during this unprecedented blizzard, your work and generosity is truly appreciated.

Mayor Ben Blake