Mayor Blake expresses confidence in schools

To the Editor:
A few weeks ago I was honored to speak with teachers and educators at the Milford Public Schools opening convocation at the Jonathan Law High School auditorium.

I looked at the crowd and felt that old rush of wishing I were going back to school; that a new year of learning, new classes, new challenges, new and old friends would be beginning for me. Those educators sitting in the seats of the auditorium evoked that sense of trust and excitement for education that has always sparked my energies and enthusiasm. I am proud to be a life-long learner and much of that I attribute to being a product of the Milford Public Schools.
When the school buses started to roll and I watched my neighbors’ little ones mount the steps for the first few times (okay, I admit that I worried about the moms and dads and grandparents snapping pictures and how it might slow down an over-extended bus schedule), I wondered how I will feel in a few years when my own children enter kindergarten for the first time. I think about that extensively.
Like all parents, I want the absolute best for my children, especially when it comes to education. Fortunately, I feel confident about Milford’s public schools.
There are too many reasons to mention why I think our schools deserve high marks, but recent significant improvements in test scores (including CMTs, CAPTs and APs) and the impressive array of advance placement curricula convince me that our schools are serving the needs of our students above and beyond the basics. We have more programs, offerings and opportunities than even the finest private institutions.
I certainly know that successful schools are not just reflected in test scores and extra-curricular activities. I know that what goes on in classrooms, that essential connection between teachers and students and the core curriculum is the true measure of educational achievement.
Milford has superior teachers and an extensive support staff which allows students to reach and grasp their full potentials and prepares them for the most prestigious and challenging colleges and universities in the nation. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the kids.
Mayor Ben Blake