Man wants Casey for 118th district

Letter to the Editor:
Many of Connecticut’s public school students are receiving poor grades in math, reading, and science. The State of Connecticut is receiving poor grades too. CNBC listed our state near the bottom of all states in friendliness to business (44 out of 50) cost of living (48 out of 50), cost of doing business (46 out of 50), and 40 in economic health.

More damaging, the prestigious financial publication Barron’s ranked Connecticut last for financial health because of underfunded pensions. Why would anyone want to move their business to Connecticut? They won’t unless some of these conditions change.
We need people in the legislature who believe in smaller government, less spending, lower taxes, and less regulation to change. We need pro-business people. Michael Casey is one of these people. Michael Casey, candidate for State Representative in the 118th wants to change these rankings.
His focus is to boost Connecticut’s ranking in all measures of comparison so that we can become competitive again and attract businesses. We must stop taxing, spending and regulation, if we are going to move these rankings.
We have to do it or businesses will not come to this state and some may move out. Just as students with poor grades hurt their chances of getting hired, states that rank near the bottom of these measures will not attract businesses.
Michael Casey can help change this. We need a new approach to help improve our grades. Think about it and vote.
Wally Hauck