Man susses out threats to U.S. Constitution

To the Editor:
We need to wake up from our starry eyed twilight perception of the events unfolding before us. We need to stand up, get out of bed and take heed.

With the recent uprising of militant radical Islamists, the killing of our U.S. Ambassador, two Navy Seals and another faithful American along with a number of dead Marines we now are supposed to believe that this is all the product of an anti-Muslim video. It is not. The video I believe is a mask for the larger demon which wears it.
After all of the evasions and apologies coming from both the State Department and the White House, we as U.S. citizens face an even greater threat to our Constitutional right of free speech. The United Nations UN Resolution #1618 along with the Obama Administration’s point man regarding International law, Yale educated Mr. Harold Koh have been working tenaciously on various aspects of implementing regulatory elements on behalf of measures to not offend members of the Muslim faith. This is the focus of the U.N. Resolution #1618 criminalizing anti-Muslim speech. This agenda goes forward in January of 2013.
We do not need any executive order nor pumped up legislation or any U.N. resolution which hinders our Constitution's full breadth of freedom regarding free speech. This, by the way, is not the only threat to our Constitution. There are others. Mr. Koh who is a State Department legal advisor to Hillary Clinton and his cohorts have been busy little moles, hidden beneath the radar, unseen and unheard by the public.
We are a free people and we exercise and celebrate free speech. We need to flex our muscles and take a stand against this subversive tactical international strategy. I believe this is, in fact, the fundamental transformation and change Mr. Obama was speaking of and promising. Transnational jurisprudence does not and will not trump our Constitution.
People, wake up. If you celebrate freedom and the exercise of free speech you can play a role in protecting freedom at the polls this coming November. Rub the sleep from your eyes and realize more is at stake than you can see.
Vincent A. Lattanzi