Man says President Obama waging war on poor

To the Editor:

It is not that long into President Obama's second term and already there is more rhetoric than facts and reality. Recent evidence shows that global temperatures have been flat over the last past sixteen years and have not changed at all.

The International Energy Agency ,which is an agency in government has proven that the U.S. has curtailed carbon dioxide emissions back down to 1992 levels reducing them more than any other nation since 2006. A pew research poll found that climate change ranks at the bottom of a list of 21 issues.

At a time when the unemployment rate still stands at about 7.6 percent and more and more people are giving up looking for work. A time when more people relay on the supplemental nutrition program than ever before in the history of the nation. A time when we have a sixteen trillion dollar deficit and we are unsure if the next generation will have as prosperous a life as the last. A time when food and gas prices are going up and people are struggling to get by and a time when we have a powerful government that will stop at nothing to infringe on are personal liberties.

The new Obama effort on climate change is not only a war on realty and facts. It is a war on jobs.

This new effort will shut down any coal plant that does not meet the EPA standards. The coal plants will not be able to comply with the new regulations and since regulations are basically a tax, they will have to either lay off workers or put a burden on the consumer which means we will proudly be paying higher electric bills in the name of protecting the earth.

This is a war on the American people because it will make it so much harder for the consumers who are just trying to get buy in a tough economy.

The truth is science is not seated and their isn't just one science or science view to explain things, there are more. Science is not seated and things and ideas are always changing and there is always new ideas to explain things.

Environmentalists equate everything with global warming. Proof of this is that they have noticed hurricanes as proof of global warming. This is complete rhetoric and proof of this is that the worst hurricanes were in 1929 and the world’s top hurricanes experts say that there is no evidence that hurricanes effect storms.

The revolutionary environmentalist in the Obama administration wants the poor to self-sacrifice themselves for the needs of the planet earth and they don’t care what the cause or effect of that is.

Josh Weizel