Man says President Obama is bad employee

To the Editor:
Imagine you are the boss in a company. You hired an employee four years ago. It is well past time to evaluate his performance and behaviors. Do you keep him or do you fire him?

When first hired there were major problems in his area but he specifically made promises to fix those problems. Those promises were the reasons you hired him. He made a good impression and he impressed many in the company with his presentation skills. None of his promises have been kept. His department continues to show extremely poor performance (the economy is anemic; real unemployment is in double digits; national debt has grown 60%; food stamps use has grown 50%, gasoline is up 100%).
He spent 40% more than budgeted in each of his four years. This spending has put the entire company in financial risk (our debt is at $16 trillion and our unfunded liabilities are ~ $70 trillion). The company is in worse shape than what it was before he was hired. He continues to operate without a budget and continues to spend 40% more than his department generates in revenue. He has played golf on company time more than 100 times. When you asked him about that and his performance, his promises, and his results he continually blames his predecessor for the inherited mess and offers no clear plan of action to turn things around other than to say he needs more time.
One of his employees was accused of misdeeds (Eric Holder and Fast and Furious) and he severely bent (broke) company policy (executive order) to protect his employee from discipline. He invested company funds in a risky investment and all the money was lost (Solyndra and other solar bankruptcies ~$700 million).
He claims, in public, to be supportive of all his employees but, in secret, he filters funds and favors to those who support him politically (GM bond holders were stiffed while unions got funding in the GM bailout). He has attended only 44% of his safety meetings (security briefings) and safety improvement is the most important initiative in your company (National Defense is the most important responsibility of the Federal Government).
He created a new benefit for all employees (ObamaCare) and you and the company committed to it based on his promises. He told you it would save the company money. Now the accountants have concluded it will cost the company more than double (Congressional Budget Office says ObamaCare will cost $1.6 Trillion over 10 years).
He ignored one of our most important company business partners to attend two fun parties instead (he did not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu while appearing on Letterman and The View instead) even though our partner has a very serious problem (Iran is building a nuclear weapon).
This is only a partial list of failures. You can't think of any accomplishments. You are the boss. Do you keep him or fire him? Vote.
Wally Hauck