Man rebuffs call to anger, urges respect

To the Editor:
Recently a reader spoke of “vitriol and anger” in the public square, and I might add, also in our private lives; then offered his assessment as to why? Some of his assessments were reasonable, many were not. There are too many wrong conclusions to answer him in this space.
His earlier letter was filled with vitriol and anger, accusing President Obama of lying and demanding an apology. That tone was very different from his current letter. Saint Francis said, “being an instrument of peace begins with me.”

Our reader believes this vitriol exists because “we have different beliefs and therefore different values.” Wrong. People always have different views on everything. Some say the glass is half full, others the glass is half empty. One spouse wants to go to the movies, the other wants to stay home.
A difference of opinion is no reason for vitriol. Accepting that premise means compromise is impossible, exactly what is going on now. Discussion and respect for the other point of view is the only answer.
Capitalism has provided all with a better life, but it has an Achilles heel. While capitalism is excellent at producing things like TVs, cars and cell phones, it is not good at providing people with things like health care or medicine, Why? Profit is capitalism’s only motive with its allegiance only to shareholders.
People don't fit that model.
Before ObamaCare, cancellation of health care coverage was common and pre-existing conditions not covered. Too expensive. Yet, there was a time when this wasn’t the case. Without Federal intervention, health policies would continue to be canceled and pre-exiting conditions would not be covered. In today’s world, that can mean poverty.
2012 is vastly different from 1787 when The Constitution was ratified. Over time, the size of government grew to address modern issues such as banking, international trade, health etc. Getting the right size of Government has always been an on-going issue, but mindlessly cutting the government is, well, mindless. Its too big tells me nothing.
How much government should we have? To me, big government should be just big enough to do the job. No more, No less. In business it is called a staffing assessment. Want complete freedom? Return to the wild west days with limited or no government and no one telling you how to live.
Today’s world is more complex. Rights? I don’t believe my rights are being trampled. But I do want to live where complex issues can be discussed and different views are respected and compromise is possible and no one is shouted down. I am not a dreamer. I know life is imperfect and without guarantees.
But I sleep better knowing we have a government at least trying to level the playing field. As stated in our Constitution, insuring a chance for all to improve their lives…all without guarantee of equal outcomes…but possible with hard work, discussion compromise and respect. John Scalici