Man points finger at 'lying' Democrats, seeks apology

To the Editor:
Many of us have been caught in a lie. When that happens we have only two choices, try to cover it up with more lies or admit it and apologize.

I am hoping my Democrat friends will just admit that the President, his administration, and the Democrats in Congress (all who voted for the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare) lied to us.
The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare as a tax but the mandate in the bill was consistently and purposefully called a penalty. Everyone who supported the bill called the mandate a penalty. The President is on tape numerous times calling it a penalty and denying it’s a tax.
But, according the Supreme Court it can only be upheld if it is called a tax otherwise it is unconstitutional.
President Obama is a Constitutional lawyer. One might think he knew this when he signed the bill. Maybe not. Maybe he was just incompetent. Which is it?
I advise my Democrat friends who were also fooled by our President and the Congress to request an apology from them. Of course, the real cause of the need for a law like Obamacare is the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act which mandates hospitals and physicians treat people in emergency rooms that don’t have money and don’t have insurance.
The main justification in Obamacare for the individual mandate is to pay the cost of those who continue to come to the emergency room and who can’t pay.
With the existence of the EMTALA there is no incentive for people to take personal responsibility for their own care and their own coverage. The private sector or the states could solve this problem without the Federal Government.
Instead, the involvement of the Federal Government causes a consequence that must be paid for by the taxpayer. Once again Federal Government regulations cause unintended consequences that drag us all down the road to serfdom leaving individual liberty lying on the side of the road like some discarded trash.
They did it here again and this time they lied about it too.
Wally Hauck