Man advocates swift death for evil-doers

To the Editor:
Sometimes evil is just that -evil. I know it's politically correct to instantly assume the perpetrator is mentally unbalanced, psychotic, schizophrenic or induced by drugs or other substances.

I submit that sometimes these heinous crimes are methodically deduced, planned and executed with complete knowledge, full realization of the gravity of the crime and full consent of the will, the conscience either anesthetized or caring not for the well-being of others. In a word - evil.
In many instances mental aberration is present and should be dealt with accordingly. Yet, likewise heinous, senseless crimes of kidnapping, torturing and/or murdering of the innocent or the wholesale slaughter of persons simply striving to live their lives pursuing their individual happiness - this horrible type of crime should be met with swift and potent justice almost as fast as the pulling of a trigger, the throwing of a switch or the dropping of a gallows trap door.
Attorneys, pundits, judges and persons from all aspects of the legal profession are asking if whether or not Holmes will get a fair trial The 12 dead persons and the maimed left behind didn’t get a fair anything. All they wanted to do was see a movie, and enjoy the life that God gave them. All they wanted was to go home to the home some of them would never see again. All they wanted to do was get up in the morning , have breakfast, hug their kids, and go to work. Now, an empty chair sits before a kitchen table, families are dealing with the hard, brutal reality of making funeral arrangements, visiting loved ones in the hospitals while they shoulder the pain, loss and grief.
Yes I believe life is sacred and should be protected. Yet I am fallible and only human. Do I believe in the death penalty? Only gazing in the devilish face of stark, real evil. To this twisted face I am unapologetic. I know Christ calls me to the "...better part." Mea maxima culpa.
Vincent A. Lattanzi