Local woman endorses DeGrego

To the Editor:
I have known Mike DeGrego for several years and I can say with honesty he is a dedicated, diligent and determined person. He knows what discipline is having gone through the training of the Air Force and police academy. The rigors required for both positions have taught Mike the necessary skills to lead and to compromise.

He is a volunteer teacher which says to me he cares enough about our children and the education system to be willing to give of his own time to help out and to learn how things are in the real world.
I personally know him to be a true advocate of the environmental and open space issues that persist in our region.
Endorsed by the Republican as well as the Independent party, Mike will represent all the people of Milford, Orange and West Haven with common sense, dignity and fairness.
I look forward to casting my vote for him in November. Join me in November as, we the people, elect Mike DeGrego our next State Senator!
Kathy Kobishyn