Local charity and city join in on Earth Day tree planting

To the Editor:
On Saturday April 14, Milford celebrated Earth Day.
Three wonderful families, civic leaders and volunteers collaborated to plant three beautiful specimen trees on the green and at the Mary Taylor Library on Broad Street. The trees were purchased through Milford Trees, Incorporated, a non-profit, as part of their Legacy Tree Program.

One of the trees planted today was a lovely shade tree, a London Planetree, for the Broderick family, whose mother was an avid gardener who raised a wonderful and supporting family who attended an Earth Day event which began at 10 a.m.
The second tree was for Dr. Alan Brandt and his wife Barbara Collin, who had selected the location for a multi-stem Shadblow Serviceberry Tree, also planted majestically on the green in downtown Milford.
Dr. Brandt served the great city of Milford's Hospital and is a tremendous supporter of Milford Trees, Inc. and the Legacy Program.
The third tree planted was for the late Judy Piscatelli who served as an educator in Milford Public Schools and whose family and children are still quite active in Milford's municipal activities. The Piscatelli donation generated many donations. As a result, Milford Trees was discerning enough to request the help of Mayor Ben Blake to help make an impact for a location well in need of a tree, The Mary Taylor Library, where a once proud state champion elm tree once stood.
Through careful planning and organization, a replacement American Elm Variety 'Homestead' was purchased, hand dug, delivered and planted through the charitable donation of the Piscatelli family and friends.
If you have not seen this tree, please drive by the Mary Taylor Library at 5 Broad Street and see the 8” caliper and 30' tall specimen, it is a sight to behold.
The trees planted today were made possible through generous donations and active volunteers of Milford Trees, Inc., a non-profit organization, whom proudly plants trees throughout the city streets to preserve and protect the urban forest of Milford.
The events which unfolded on Earth Day were made possible by the hard work and careful planning of many great and charitable volunteers and city leaders, so I would like to generously thank the following, who helped make Earth Day’s tree planting a tremendous success:
Mayor Ben Blake, Bruce Kolwicz-Director, Rich Tommasco-Tree Warden, Kelly Hammill and Jim the payloader operator of Milford Public Works, Paul Piscatelli and the Piscatelli Family, Karen Moran, Chris Broderick, his sister Carol and the Broderick family, Dr. Alan Brandt, Barbara Collin and the Brandt & Collin Family, Grillo Services for the donation of topsoil and mulch, Millane Nurseries of Cromwell, CT for providing wonderful specimen trees to grace our green and the hard working and charitable members of Milford Trees, Inc; Tammy and Paul Jorgenson, Bryan Mancini, Mary Anders, CT DEEP Urban Forester Rachel Holmes, Sean and Karen O'Neil, Dawn Beetham, Kate Orecchio, Dana and Nan Rottman, and many others not in attendance but in spirit and your very proud President of Milford Trees, Inc.
Bruce Lindsay Milford Trees, Inc.