Letter: Writer supports Blake for another term

To the Editor:

I recently read in the local newspapers that Milford is the home to more than 180 manufacturing businesses and that Mayor Blake was celebrating Milford Manufacturing Day with a visit to Platt Tech School and several local businesses. This impressed me. In fact, I’ve been positively affected by many of Mayor Blake’s initiatives to promote economic development in our city and to promote initiatives that aid the city’s finances.

Two major changes that this mayor has enacted concern our city’s recycling policies and changing our AMR billing policies. Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Blake’s administration, our city is now paid for our recycled goods rather than paying the cost of having them carted away.  Additionally, he recently began a task force to educate and assist the public utilizing the recycling system. Now, we also earn money by renting out our city-owned asphalt recycler.

Under the current administration, our city has negotiated insurances and policies to allow our firefighters to do on-the-scene emergency work that they were doing anyway and not having to pay outside emergency service agencies.

These are just some of the ways that Milford’s finances have been improved by Mayor Blake.  Our city is economically efficient and financially sound and I applaud his efforts.

Mike Lebov