Letter: Win Smith III writes in support of Giannattasio

To the Editor:

I respectfully address all Republican residents of the 14th Senatorial District. I implore each of you, especially those whose tensions have run high of late, to take a step back, take a deep breath, and exhale a big sigh of relief and excitement. We are currently amidst an emotionally charged time as the Republican Primary is directly around the corner. The concern and attentiveness to the issues of our numerous Republican residents of this 14th Senatorial District are quite palpable. I can assure each and every one of you that if we roll this energy and fervor into the general election, we will undoubtedly unveil decisive victories in the General Election. Notwithstanding these facts, we must carefully choose the best candidates for each particular political race, in this particular moment.

I would like to fully endorse and encourage my fellow residents to vote for Anthony “Tony G” Giannattasio. As we are all fully aware, there are countless qualities of Tony G that make him an impressive candidate. From his lifetime dedication to his business and family, to his relentless fight for the people of the City of Milford as the Republican Minority Leader of the Board of Aldermen, Tony has gained the knowledge and expertise to draft budgets and bills that work in our economic times and has the mental fortitude to fight for what is in the best interests of Milford, Orange, West Haven, and Woodbridge when confronted with pressing issues in Hartford.

I have spent a great deal of time around the Connecticut Legislature to understand that Tony would be a terrific addition to help preserve the integrity of our communities and to rebuild a strong Connecticut.

As a party, we should dispense with the unpleasantries that dirty politics. Our soon-to-be-former State Senator won her initial State Senate race relying on dirty politics, so we should all rise above this. Join me and give your full and unfettered support to Tony G for State Senate.

Win Smith III

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