Letter: Trust organized 8-30g talk, not candidate

To The Editor:

With all due respect to Paula Smith, the panel discussion on 8-30g legislation (affordable housing) was organized by the Milford Preservation Trust in response to the many phone calls and emails our organization received over the summer from concerned residents.

The Milford Preservation Trust is committed to preserving what remains of our colonial heritage, and since several of the 8-30g proposals affected historically significant neighborhoods such as Gulf Street and Hill Street we wanted to respond when residents asked "what can be done?"

The well-intended affordable housing legislation has had unintended negative consequences for Milford and we are by no means experts on this topic.

Therefore, we called upon our legislative delegation to Hartford to answer questions and clarify some of the many half-truths.

Ms. Smith is incorrect in stating that the discussion was organized by Gayle Slossberg.

Michele Kramer

Milford Preservation Trust