Letter: Trees make life worth living

To the Editor:

Why does Milford hate trees? The city just cut down six trees on Rivercliff Drive. As I travel around the city, I see trees going down all over the place. Visit Parsons Center and see the stumps by the City Clerk’s door. I understand that trees get old or diseased but there doesn’t seem to be any meaningful program to replace them or expand their number. A handful of new trees on the Green doesn’t make up for the loss.

Milford has far fewer trees today than it had a decade ago. My daughter lives on a nondescript street in Stamford lined with trees. Last weekend I was visiting a New Haven neighborhood with a street lined with beautiful flowering trees. Visit Bridgeport and marvel at the terrific job they’ve done filling streets and public areas with mature trees. Then there’s our city on a fast track to becoming a treeless wasteland.

Trees have been removed on my street so a while back I decided to put two in. I called Public Works to see if they had recommendations and was told trees are a liability and no one’s allowed to plant them next to the street.

I have news for City Hall. Thinking about trees as a liability isn’t right. Trees are critical to our environment, they beautify a city and they’re one of the things that makes life worth living.

Tom Jagodzinski