Letter: Tony Giannattasio — A record of accomplishments

To the Editor:

I served with Tony Giannattasio on the Milford Board of Aldermen from 2013 through 2017.  I also served on the Ordinance Committee during the same time.

I am extremely proud of what we accomplished together. I was extremely proud to work alongside Tony.  

Despite being in the minority, he demonstrated effective leadership and worked very hard for the good of the city.

Tony is a consensus builder while, at the same time, stands firm and is principled. He fought for streamlining government, cutting exorbitant city expenses and promoting public safety.

Many Milford residents were disheartened by the fact that Hartford seemed to be playing partisan games with Milford for too long with the predatory building practices outlined in the Affordable Housing law, Conn. Gen. Stat. §8-30g. There was not much we could do in the face of the statute, but Tony worked with the city attorney and reached across the aisle to come up with a reasonable solution. These efforts led to creating an ordinance in 2015, §18-90.2, which protected the city by requiring that the proposed builder, if the city deemed it necessary, incur the costs of an outside consultant to review the plans for the project and conduct research like engineering and traffic studies. A powerful protection for the Milford residents.

I am disappointed that anyone would even suggest that he was not deeply concerned about the well-being of our city. His record of accomplishments is clear.

Michael S. Casey

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