Letter: Time to clean up congested traffic downtown

To the Editor:

Now that Milford seems to have a plan to shape up the downtown area around the railroad tracks, adding more parking spaces, etc., perhaps the problem of Milford's bottleneck and congested traffic can finally be addressed.

There are four easy steps that will lead to improved traffic flow in Milford, steps that I, as a lifelong and long suffering resident, feel would 'clean up' Milford's congested downtown area. In brief, these are:

1) Once the parking garage is built, remove all parking from both Broad Streets and River Street, except in front of the funeral homes.

2) Turn River Street into a two-way street.

3) Reverse the one-way direction on Daniel Street.

4) Connect New Haven Avenue with North Broad Street to allow direct access to the Green area. The island in front of the old tower can be removed and any signage placed on the Green.

I truly feel that now is the time for Milford's government and planners to take a hard and serious look at improving the ancient and inconvenient road network around the center of town. Please consider it.

Barry Hatrick