Letter: Stranded motorist finds compassion in Milford

To the Editor:

On my drive from Boston to Philadelphia last Friday evening, I stopped at the Milford rest stop on Rt. 95 around 10 p.m. Upon returning to my car, I was dismayed to learn that my car wouldn’t start due to a dead key battery.

I am writing to tell you how grateful I am that this emergency occurred in the friendly and helpful town of Milford. Remena and Cortez, employees of the Hilton Garden Inn, came to my rescue that evening with a shuttle ride to the hotel, a room, a complimentary breakfast, directions to the auto parts store, and all with kindness and compassion for my situation.

In the morning, I ran to the Advance auto parts store with my key and again was met with employees who went above and beyond. Nate replaced the battery in my key, and then drove me back to my car at the rest stop. And thank goodness he was there, as the car required a reset in addition to the key battery, which he knew how to accomplish.

My heartfelt thanks to Nate, Remena and Cortez for your kindness: You sustain my faith in humanity.

Best to Milford.

Lois Darr