Letter: Stowe barn - open space and cash versus character

To the Editor:

Reading about the sale of the Stowe Barn, I’m glad to know the town is talking about open space and not just taking the money. Once open space is gone, it’s usually gone for good. It does not come back — parking lots, Walgreens, or apartment developments usually don’t revert back to green space.

Even if a business that purchases and develops the land becomes a going concern, that same business will eventually move on, and sell the land…or stay put and increase its footprint on the land.

Milford knows that green space should not be looked at as a short term decision — and the town should be commended for approaching the Stowe Barn issue with that in mind. After all green spaces — parks, woods, landscapes, beaches — preserve community character, property values, and the small town feel that makes Milford special.

Stewart Hudson

Executive Director, Audubon Connecticut