Letter: State budget would cost Milford Hospital millions

To the Editor:

If you have a medical emergency and arrive at Milford Hospital, you’re going to be taken care of even if you don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay. It doesn’t matter how expensive your care turns out to be. Our hospital is a non-profit organization. It’s also Milford’s largest employer and contributes over $130 million in economic benefit to our local community.

Milford Hospital is one of only a handful of local community hospitals left in Connecticut. These hospitals are under increasing economic pressure. Insurance companies demand cuts in services provided to patients and continually press for discounts on charges. Reimbursements from government insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid are often below cost.

Unfortunately the governor’s proposed budget would make Milford Hospital’s position even more difficult. Not only is he proposing cutting back on financial support but he also wants Milford Hospital to begin paying property tax. These proposals would cost it millions of dollars a year.

Milford is one of the pillars of our community. We need to let our legislators know that they need to step forward to oppose the governor’s proposals.

Tom Jagodzinski