Letter: Stalling traffic in Devon is not the answer

To the Editor:

Mr. Amann must have seen the episode on the Andy Griffith Show where a few townspeople blocked the state road to increase the traffic going by their fruit stand. As the sheriff said, “You just can’t do that.” The purpose of the interstate system is to move traffic in a safe and efficient manner, not to divert traffic in an effort to increase business.

Increased traffic flow is the least of that area’s problems. In fact it may be the actual problem. Traffic squeezed down to two lanes, no turning lanes, traffic lights out of sequence and the main problem, no parking. Let’s be honest, unless you have a specific destination in that area, you take back roads to avoid the area.

Mr. Amann states that businesses are struggling. I challenge that notion. There are plenty of great restaurants, service centers and other businesses that are destinations due to their great service and product. Stalling traffic in front of a business is not the answer. If a business is struggling they need to re-evaluate their location and/or the service they are providing.

Mr. Amann and the group he is lobbying for need to ask if forcing traffic past the Devon McDonald’s is worth inconveniencing and endangering the people of Milford. Bumper to bumper traffic slows emergency response times and forces traffic onto quiet side streets

David Kohalmi